There is no doubt that computing world is moving towards cloud based environment. In case of medium to large business, they all have some sort of data center or cloud subscription.

Let’s look into the reasons why you should use your own server or go for cloud service providers such as Microsoft or Amazon web services. While taking decision on where to host information, question arises about what is it you want to host. Is it simply about shared file or is it going to be virtual machines. These questions are very crucial to consider and will help in determining the best solution. Let’s talk over several scenarios and see what considerations should be taken into account.

Shared folder

Through shared folder, you can share information among employees. Here comes a point whether you should opt for in-site or put in a cloud system. Well it depends on your business type and needs. Also, it depends on type of data that you will store. On-site will be more suitable in case of small business scenarios. A password protected folder can be easy to set up in Windows as well as Linux. Never store personally identifiable information such as credit cards, bank account numbers and so on. Whereas, cloud hosting is a little bit expensive but it provides data security and redundancy.

Virtualize your small office

If you have 40 or less computers to virtualize, it is assumable that you have money but not huge amount. Most people don’t have the money for the required redundancy. So, it is better to virtualize in the cloud. And that in further needs extra money to get reliable and fast internet connections. In addition, it also requires subscription cost to the cloud services. If you don’t invest money on reliable and redundant internet business can go down due to poor internet connection.

Media Editing

Cloud services are great for many scenarios either large or small but media editing and storage is not one of them. The price to performance ratio is much poor for cloud services than local services due to the large files and computing needed. It is much more beneficial to own a local server that renders storage and transfers file.

Therefore, there are some tasks which are best suited for cloud services and some are meant for on-site services.


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