Whether you are an entrepreneur or a blogger, you may want to publish your own website. In order to publish your website, you need to first buy a domain. Then you can host your site and make it accessible worldwide.

There are several types of domain names. They are generally called Top Level Domains (TLD). The first type is the sTLD. These are privately owned by organizations and not available for common sale and purchase. Then comes the ccTLD. The cc stands for country code. These are domains which end in a country code. For example, if you own an American company, you could use ‘.us’ as the domains extension. Similarly, Russian sites can be identified with the extension ‘.ru’. Now you may be wondering what is GTLD Name and why is it the most common type of extension. These are generalized extensions which do not follow any specific rules. Some examples of gTLDs are .com, .org, and .edu. These are available to the general population, so anyone can pick one of their choice. The more relevant it is, the easier it will be to make your website memorable.

Some premium domains are available for high prices. These are often owned by individuals or organisations privately. You can contact them by tracing the domains via Domain Whois or by other means, if possible. These domains are highly demanded because they are often creative, common phrases or words which are easy to remember. Thus, prices are also high and it may be difficult to procure them.

Once the domain name registration procedure is complete, you can start looking for web hosting service providers. Most providers have large spaces where they house physical servers. They allocate each client a limited amount of space on the server. But others offer cloud hosting services. These usually have larger and faster servers connected remotely and located in different geographic locations.

Some companies give the option of free web hosting. With other providers, for varying prices domains can be hosted on their servers more securely or with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. USA web hosting service providers HostUpon and HostGator also give free domains along with the hosting option. They also have very low monthly charges. If you are based in Canada, you can hire Canadian web hosting provides instead. Thus, it is easy to host a website no matter which country you are located in.

Depending on your budget, you can either host your website with free or cheap web hosting services, or you can subscribe to slightly more expensive service providers to ensure a more secure and faster experience.