Get a perfect tagline with a Free Slogan maker

Just do it, think different, because you’re worth it, Got milk? Sounds like the ramblings of an idle mind, doesn’t it? But, you may identify some of these phrases because they are slogans from some powerful brands. Nike, Apple, L’Oreal Paris, California milk processor board are the owners of this slogans respectively. Simply defined, a slogan is a group of words, usually less than 5, that identify a company or product. Think of slogans like concise mission statements. Coming up with a slogan is not a simple task, but, you can get a perfect tagline on the free slogan maker. We will go into more detail in the article below.

Why you should use the slogan maker

Most companies will hire an agency to come up with slogans for them. However, it is expensive because this is a branding aspect. You may not be able to afford this, especially if you are a start-up without thousands of dollars to spend.

You may opt to come up with a tagline on your own, but if creativity is not your thing, you could come up with one that does not communicate well. You can, therefore, benefit from the use of a slogan maker.

➢ What is a slogan maker

A slogan maker is an online tool that will make the process of generating a tagline for your business easy. Save hours of valuable time that you would spend trying to come up with the perfect slogan; the online tool will do it for you in a matter of minutes.

However, the slogan maker will depend on you to feed it the right information before it can generate the perfect slogan for your business. You, therefore, need to factor in some considerations including;-

• What does your company stand for?
• Who is a target audience?
• Who is your ideal customer for you?
• What is the reason for the business?
• What business problem are you solving?
• What methods are you using to solve the problem?
• Why is the solution necessary?

➢Common tagline mistakes to avoid

• Focusing on yourselfWhen you are coming up with the tagline, your primary focus should be the business and not you as an individual. Focus on how the company will respond to an identified need. Your job is to provide a solution, and keeping the communication relevant to the customer is a sure win. Forget about the hard sell, and do not make any promises that you cannot keep. You may, therefore, want to forgo words like ‘The best,’ because you may not be able to prove that you are actually the best. By all means, communicate what you are good at, but do not boast or make outrageous claims.

➢ Not giving the process enough time

Getting a good slogan for your business will require time on your part. Inasmuch as the use of a slogan maker will make the process very quick, you need to invest some time in understanding the business and the target audience. You then need to focus on looking for the right keywords that capture your business so that whatever slogan you generate will pass the message across quickly.

➢ Using hard to understand language

Forget about jargon and language that makes sense to you and your close circle. If people have to figure out what you’re trying to say then your slogan is not effective. Keep the language simple and use short words if possible.

➢Trying to be too clever in your communication

Forget about being smart, try being clear. In trying to be too bright, you could lose the gist of the communication or message you are trying to pass across. However, do not totally dismiss humour; it adds a feel-good element and people are likely to remember it. Just don’t try to be too funny, it can backfire on you.

• Forgetting about the customization aspect

Before settling on your preferred tagline option, try it in different applications. Put it on a business card, advertising material, and company collateral including letterheads, among others. If it does not fit, then you should consider changing it. Think about it both in the large and small-scale. It should be able to fit on a banner, the side of the company trucks, and a business card among others.

• Ignoring your target market

You cannot come up with a good slogan if you do not have a good understanding of your target market. Understand their pain points and see how your business will provide a solution.

Have a good understanding of the different cultures to avoid offending anyone. A good tip would be to translate the slogan into the languages of the countries you operate in.


Shopify Slogan Maker

There are several slogan makers available online, but we find that the Shopify Slogan Maker delivers catchy taglines, while giving a great variety to choose from.
Shopify slogan maker allows you to generate up to 1000 taglines depending on what keywords you enter.  It is a free tool, and it uses algorithms to give catchy creative slogans.  All you need to do is feed in your keywords, Click on the slogan generator button, sit back and wait for the slogan maker to do its job.
Shopify Slogan Maker promises to give slogans that will capture customers due to the excellent brand recall.  Whether you’re looking for a fun or professional slogan, this tool will provide you with the perfect one.

➢ Conclusion

A slogan maker will make your branding process so easy; instead of wasting valuable time trying to generate a slogan, you can use online tools like Shopify slogan maker for free.  Take a little time to understand your business and your target audience.  Also, focus on what you hope to achieve with the tagline before you embark on the process of developing one. 


Remember, a short slogan of 5 words or less is more impactful than a long sentence that people will not remember. Without having the relevant information, the slogan maker will not give you a good tagline, and you will end up getting very frustrated with the process. For more information about e-commerce in Australia: