If you are a blogger or a business owner, you can now easily launch your own website. Once the website is ready to publish online, you must look for cheap web hosting options.

Before you can host your site, however, you must come up with a creative domain name. This is the web address of your site which other people can type in their web browsers to access your website. The URL has two parts. The general format is www.domain.extension. The domain can be any combination of letters. If it is creative, it will also be easier to remember for your visitors.

Now the domains extension is the basis for classification of domains. These are called the Top-Level domains (TLD). There are three main types of domain names. The first type is the sTLD. Domains with this extension are owned privately by individuals or companies. They are not available for sale to everyone publicly. The second type is the ccTLD or the country code top level domain. You must have seen website addresses that end with ‘.pk’ or ‘.us’. These are country codes for Pakistan and the United States, respectively. So, you can end your website address with the country code for whichever country you belong to.

The third type is the gTLD and it is the most commonly seen extension. Now you must think what is GTLD Name and why is it so special and common. The reason is that they make your web address more relevant to your web content. Another reason is that they are available for easy sale and purchase at lower prices. Some examples of gTLDs are ‘.edu’ and ‘.gov’.

Some premium domains are also available for sale at high prices. These are special domains that are often common words or phrases. They are catchy and easy to remember. That is a problem. Since the demand for these sites is high, the prices are often very high too. You can trace the owners of these domains by looking them up through Domain Whois.

The process of domain name registration is followed by finding a free web hosting provider. The Canadian web hosting services provided by FatCow and HostUpon are very famous. Other famous USA web hosting providers are DreamHost and HostGator. For various prices, domains can be purchased of different types. Many also own cloud servers hence they offer cloud hosting services.

The kind of service you opt for depends on your budget. You can either go for free services or pay a small charge per month to get more features.


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